Monday, December 10, 2012

Time Awareness For Time Management

Today I've been focused on restructuring my family's time. Time management is important, but time AWARENESS is paramount!

You may think you're a "family man," but how much quality time are you actually spending with your family?

You may think you sleep enough, but how many hours are you sleeping?

You may have been "meaning to" take up a certain hobby, or initiate a certain habit but you think you don't have time to fit it in. Really? Are you SURE you don't have time? Or are you wasting a ton of time?

The attached pic is a graph of how our American government claims we average citizens spend our twenty-four hours. I've added a blank graph that you can print and color in how you spend your own day. I did so with mine and my kids, and wow... We've got some time budgeting to do! It's a good thing our time wasn't money, or we'd be homeless right now!

Here are some websites to help you determine if you're spending your time in the best ways possible. These tend to have something to do with "media" in one way or another because I started my research today wondering what the rest of the population has to say about how teens and children spend their time. (I have two teens. I feel like we spend too much time facing one screen or another rather than facing each other. Yeah. Yeah. I know, typical mom-jargon.)