Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Standard Knowledge

A “standard” is a flag or symbol that represents a governing body. A king’s standard is his flag, and whoever stands with that standard bows to and upholds that king’s government, or laws. When those laws, or rules, are broken, that same standard becomes the enemy. The same standard that was the protector, is now the punisher. It MUST correct the matter. The punishment must be submitted to in order for the standard to maintain its ability to protect and defend. As long as the rule-breaker stands unrepentant and defiant they are an enemy of the standard.

If you want God’s standard, the mightiest, unbeatable standard, to reign in your life against Satan’s standard, then you MUST submit to the correction that results of breaking the law of God’s standard. It's the only way to not become an enemy of God. Adam and Eve accepted the punishment of sin, therefore they found God's hand of grace, not removing their punishment, but helping them endure their time of correction. When Cain rebelled against God's standard, he did not submit to the grace of correction. His rebellion caused him to become hated of God, an enemy of God. We can see this in various lives throughout scripture. It's our clear warning of how we should behave when we have broken a law in the government of God. Submit to correction to remain beneath the power of His standard. 

There is another element of standard knowledge we must heed: If we happen to find ourselves properly living within the confines of God's law, yet discover a fellow-citizen has dared to violate the law of God, we must not find ourselves in alliance with the law-breakers of the standard. This is an alliance with enemies of God. Don’t find yourself swayed by those using self-pity in their unrepentant stance. BEWARE! Run to the safety and power of the right standard! Do not, I repeat, do not let sentiment cause you to risk a curse on yourself or your family! 

Mercy and grace does not negate the punishment of The King's standard. It involves the delicate task of riding into uncomfortable territory with an invitation to The King's banquet table. The King offers banquets of Meat, Milk, Honey, Fruit, and Living Bread. New Wine flows abundantly from His table even to the WORST of law breakers. And we are empowered and entrusted to be The King's messengers inviting those law breakers to HIS side, to HIS table, beneath HIS standard of law and government. Those who accept the invitation will not come blazing a sword of rebellion, nor will they be whispering treasonous self-pity. Rather they will attend with bold thanksgiving and tender humility. Do not be ignorant of these signs. In our assignments, we can't succumb to the folly of cuddling up to their standard due to our perspective of not sitting on the throne. The King sees the big picture and is ruling in more love than we can comprehend. Be careful that in your extension of grace and kindness you do not align yourself with the standard of an enemy of God. 

Rules are rules. God's mercy can remove the punishment of death, but he rarely chooses to remove the punishment of consequence. Love your fellow-citizens through the pain of consequence without aligning yourself with an enemy of God. 

NOTE: The church & the five-fold ministry are the physical representation of God's standard. Stand CLOSE to them.