Friday, November 22, 2013

"Nothing" To Cry About

Sometimes I cry over "nothing at all"

Stuff that is past

Pain that is gone

I mourn that it happened

Mourn even that which did not

Then dry my face because

I gave it my best shot


Everyone looks at a statement thru their own spectacles of experience.

Mine is of grit & grind. 

If I say "I cry," it's NOT a pitiful statement.

It's a statement trying to balance out wat I want to say; "Quit crying like a helpless baby! Get up & do this!"

Those types of instruction hurt when ur alrdy in pain. Therefore, I choose to point out even somebody as chipper as me cries, AND I'm still chipper. Hehe.

It's my feeble attempt to minister in someone's midnight hour wo sounding like an angry, know-it-all drill a sargeant.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Of Fields And Friends

I left the tame pastures where grazing is blessed
Followed to desert acres where thirst never rests
You led me where Sorrow required a kiss
And Betrayal an embrace
I lost Friend Forgiveness
You introduced these companions
Not because you were cruel
But you knew of the dream I kept hidden in my skull
The pain they taught was the key to release
The passionate joy to progress in liberties
I followed you here because you said,
"For the joy of the prize you will open your head."
Now I know Sorrow like the back of my hand,
I can see him in passing when no one else can
I recognize Betrayal
And try to reconcile them all
Because that's when Forgiveness is free to come call.
Now the dream is alive and it's out in the open
Leading and calling like sirens in an ocean
And I see the green of grasses again
In patches just now, but like a great sea ahead
My shepherd whose led me thru valleys to grasses
Smiles at my skipping and glows at my laughing
He kept every tear
He felt every scream
And he used them to water the field of my dream