Friday, November 22, 2013

"Nothing" To Cry About

Sometimes I cry over "nothing at all"

Stuff that is past

Pain that is gone

I mourn that it happened

Mourn even that which did not

Then dry my face because

I gave it my best shot


Everyone looks at a statement thru their own spectacles of experience.

Mine is of grit & grind. 

If I say "I cry," it's NOT a pitiful statement.

It's a statement trying to balance out wat I want to say; "Quit crying like a helpless baby! Get up & do this!"

Those types of instruction hurt when ur alrdy in pain. Therefore, I choose to point out even somebody as chipper as me cries, AND I'm still chipper. Hehe.

It's my feeble attempt to minister in someone's midnight hour wo sounding like an angry, know-it-all drill a sargeant.


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