Thursday, February 3, 2011


I started to name this blog "Musings and Ponderings"... But in confirming the definition for "muse" I discovered the idea that I could BE a "muser"! And that is PERFECT because I am already a muser and have been a muser for a long time! (Muser! Muser! Muser! I'm really feeling magnanimous bout that word! lol) As a matter of fact I get in lots of trouble for all of my musing. I muse too much, too deeply, too darkly... [sigh] So, perhaps if I start getting some (and believe me, only SOME) of my musings out in cyberspace I may discover my musings are amusing and I may even amass a magnificent multitude of other musers who mock me within their own minds!

Hope you enjoy my musings!

Denee Richardson
Le Muser

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