Friday, August 17, 2012

Vitamins I Take

[Composed on my phone... So ur bout to read my texting lingo.]
Bc I'm paranoid of being blamed for smone's heart attack, or wooziness, or even just them being outta breath after a mild run, I hafta start by saying I'm not a healthcare provider in any way, form, or fashion. If u were to put me up against cooking mom's (which r at least "nutrition providers") I'd cm in dead last. But ppl hv asked wat supplements I take, so this is a bare bones list of wat I tk and why I tk them. I'm not gonna tell u how much I tk, just which ones & their benefits. U REALLY need to do at least a smidgen of research for urself so u don't tk too much, etc. Also, taking certain supplements w/certain medications can b VERY dangerous, so if ur on prescriptions talk to ur doc. (I've heard sm supplements cancel birth control, for instance. I'M NOT GONNA PAY U CHILD SUPPORT IF THAT HAPPENS!! Lol) Of course, anything I've ever read or watched that has to do w/health, nutrition, exercise, etc. is VERY clear that u shld talk to ur doc, whether ur taking prescriptions or not.

Oh! BTW... I'm aware whole foods is a better option than supplements. So I'd like the health gurus not to gv me grief. Just write ur own blog for Pete's sake! Lol :-)

First thing in the morning... (and I do mean "FIRST" bc all of these r major energy boosters.)

These r all great for hair, skin, nails, metabolism & ENERGY...
Green Tea
Super B complex
Chromium Picolinate
Alpha Lipoic Acid
Acrtyl L-Carnitine
Niacin (Flush free)

These all aid in mood, heart, immunity, joint, eyes, nervous system, & a load of other things! Again, DO THE RESEARCH!
Glucosamine Chondroitin
Fish Oil
5-HTP (The "just 5-HTP" I tk at bedtime cuz it can help u sleep. But if u get the complex version, tk it in the morning bc they tend to add a B vitamin.)

And one last thot... Watch the documentary "Forks Over Knives." It's very inspiring!

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