Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Vocal Repair Tricks

WARNING: Composed on my mobile device so ur about to read my "texting lingo."
As usual when I write about bodily care; I'm not a professional, I'm merely sharing my personal experience. Consult ur doctor.

Smone asked me wat I drink when I have a bad voice. I didn't kno wat she meant bc I don't drink the spicy bouillon as a throat remedy, it just happens to be an added benefit to a low calorie snack. Below is my reply. Hope it helps u.

Oh!! Actually ANY dish w/hot sauce is GREAT for ur throat & sinuses. When I'm craving "salty" & I shldnt ingest more calories, fat, etc than necessary I'll mk chicken broth w/hot sauce. I don't actually think of it as a voice remedy, that's why I didn't kno wat u meant. But it IS great for ur throat. It's merely a chicken bouillon cube (or 2) in a coffee mug, microwaved, tapped w/as hot a sauce as I can find.

I'm dealing w/voice problems myself right now due to the season changing into spring and the pollen at an all time high. Not to mention weather changing from temps in the 40's to 80's in a 24 hr period. Mk sure ur combatting ur sinus drainage as well as ur voice. Voice problems that don't stem from overuse usually stem from congestion. (Indoor heat is TERRIBLE for ur sinuses. layer up rather than turn on heat when u can.) So if u can clear up drainage u'll likely fix ur voice. Hot sauce is my fav method of getting that congestion to drain. :-) Consume hot sauce with a tissue in hand cuz it's gonna start draining immediately.

Capsaicin (wat makes it "hot") causes quick blood flow to the area just touched w/the spice. Blood brings healing. The salt in the bullion kills bacteria. That's what makes my spicy bullion an effective tool for vocal problems.

I also, gargle with peroxide, Listerine, or hot salt water; all bacteria killers. (Limit how often u gargle w/peroxide tho. I hv a friend in the dental biz who has bad things to say about the overuse of peroxide.)

Hot tea, honey & lemon r often used. They're effective, again, bc they're bacteria killers.

If ur voice problem is from overuse then the only real remedy is... [drumroll pls] QUIET & SLEEP. Bc a working voice is necessary to my ministry, job & calling I will tk watever is necessary to sleep. (Ok. Not "watever." I'm not Michael Jackson.) But I hv a line up of herbs & meds that I'll turn to when my insomnia is hindering my vocal repair.

Do everything in ur power to avoid whispering & coughing. Both r EVIL to ur vocal cords. When I hv a lot of throat congestion I avoid coughing by drinking a TON of water.

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