Friday, January 9, 2015

Everyone Should Fast

Everyone should participate in a spiritual fast. The process of a fast causes us to think more clearly, rise in dignity, see more clearly how to behave in a matter. And when I say, "Everyone," that's who I mean. There is a chuckle in my head every time I read or hear the dietary rules of the "Daniel's fast." I'm in no way opposed to the fast. I laugh at the rigidity and sacredness people place on the varying rules out there. WHO GAVE DANIEL THE RULES?! (I'm mentally laughing now.) Daniel predetermined his own boundaries. And THATS why I feel like everyone should fast. A diabetic can fast, a child can fast, a transplant patient can fast, a pregnant woman can fast; everyone should fast because each one can set their own boundaries of restrictions. 

In the tabernacle there were inanimate objects considered holy. What makes a wooden piece of furniture covered by gold "holy," or "sacred?" Merely that it was set apart for the use and purpose of God. So, set yourself aside for a holy purpose by taking a time period where you live apart from your normal routines and indulgences. THAT is a fast. If you have a health issue that dictates only certain foods be eaten, eat ONLY the required foods. If your eating is already so confined that there's nothing you can separate yourself from in the area of food consumption/restriction, then separate yourself from a particular sport, or a media, or luxury. If I haven't already, I will write a blog about the various fasts I see portrayed in scripture. But today's blog is simply an encouragement to JUST DO IT.

The scripture is full of testimonies of the natural and the supernatural world responding to a fast. It's amazing. I know fasting is not a hunger strike, forcing God's hand. I know it is a means by which we can better position ourselves to hear from God. Fasting is a sort of surgery, cutting away the calloused parts that inadvertently shield us from God's glory. I don't understand all the gears, I just know the machine works. I've seen external miracles occur as a direct result of fasting. I'll continue to seek to understand it. But my lack of understanding of it will not hinder me from participating in the power of it.

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