Monday, February 15, 2016

You're Needed In the Kitchen

I don't know if you've ever been in need of a blessing, but I have! I have had days where the tiniest of kindnesses meant the world. I have needed five dollars. I have needed a friendly wave from across the room. I have needed a bottle of water. To be on the receiving end of goodness can make everything feel better. 

Here's a story about King David's generosity that impressed me this morning...
“Then he gave to every man and woman in all Israel a loaf of bread, a cake of dates, and a cake of raisins.”
1 Chronicles 16:3 NLT

Any day I don't have to worry about feeding my family is a good day! King David fed entire families on this day. I'm sure there were some mighty happy women at this party! What an awesome day-off this gift was to those women! 

I can imagine, however, how miraculous this gesture felt to the homeless, the handicapped, and the outcasts of the land. The vast array of the people in the crowd that day who were recipients of David's goodness would be mind-boggling to truly know. 

Here's the thing...
David's vision of feeding EVERYONE couldn't have occurred without cooks and bakers.

God has given your pastor a vision for the city, but he needs "cooks" to make it possible. God has set up the church to be a blessing to itself, but he needs some "bakers" in the kitchen.

Ask yourself how often you are on the kitchen-side of blessings. There's nothing wrong with being on the receiving side, but you should also find yourself whipping up some goodness for others. 

Don't only sit in the chairs at church dinners, make sure you also stack the chairs. 

Don't only take pictures with the decorations at church dramas and events, also help create, or help clean up after the events. 

Don't only walk on the carpet of the church, also vacuum the carpet. 

Don't only listen to the choir sing, also join the choir and sing. Or perhaps babysit a choir member's children during practice or service. (Oops! That just slipped right out there. These silly music director thumbs...)

There are so many "Don't only's," and each church will have their own unique efforts and visions with which they need help to make reality.

Help bake somebody's miracle!
Make sure you spend time "in the kitchen."

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