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UPDATE; Get Fit/Feel Pretty

UPDATE; Get Fit/Feel Pretty
5/23/13: I started this story in an earlier blog called, "Soul Java." (The links to those parts are at the end of this blog.) If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you'll be abreast of my current health status. I'm certainly not a registered, licensed nutritionist or fitness guru. But as you'll read, I've graduated from some courses in the School of Experience, and I regularly take "new courses" to keep my "certification" up-to-date.

I've been divorced for a few years. Nutrition and exercise have been such a relief to my foggy mind and broken spirit. Health has become my friend, my distraction, my purpose. I'm a very spiritual person. (I believe staunchly that the Bible is the absolute, inspired Word of God.) And my passion for Christ has, without doubt, made breathing possible. Not to mention parenting, working, and existing. My brokenness has even still been all-consuming. I believe God gave the focus of my health to me as a life-line. No one's life-experiences are identical. So no one will go through a tragedy such as divorce or death in the same depressive depths I did, nor will anyone lose weight and find health in the same way I have. The point of us is to each be unique individuals. Even still, there are some samenesses about us in the human race. I
 hope that my experiences will inspire you to get through your difficulties, or excel to achieve your goals as I have, through the strength of Christ.

I weigh each day. My base goal is 135. But I'm aware that a person can gain or lose up to five pounds in a 24 hour period. So while I watch my weight, I don't consider it the end of the world if the scale says I weigh 140. I simply consider what I've eaten, how much sodium I've had, etc. It's rare for me to go below 135. But if I'm fasting or cleansing, I do. And again, I merely make note of my intake (food, drink) and output (energy expended) and judge if I'm handling each day properly.

My personal "cleansing" is usually lumped in with a fast carried out for spiritual purposes. I usually do at least a 3 day cleanse/fast each month. A traditional fast is simply consuming nothing but water for a specified time period; for me that's typically 24 hours. When I do an extended fast, i make  smoothies out of soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, spinach, kale, wheat germ, aloe juice, and a bit of Greek yogurt, at least once a day, sometimes twice. My body and mind LOVES this! My tongue and teeth don't always! But when I'm in this state, no chewing is allowed. (My own rules. Not of my church or religion.) I can clearly comprehend how Daniel and his friends appeared so much healthier due to their self-prescribed fast, or diet, than the other prisoners who gobbled up the king's meat. No doubt from their clarity of mind, to their healthy, glowing skin, between God's favor and the natural result of good nutrition, of course they were better than all the others!

I run at least 3 times a week. Usually 4-5 times. I usually run 1.5-2 miles. But sometimes I'll run 3-5 miles. It depends on my day. I usually run on a treadmill simply because there's NO excuse not to run on a treadmill. I'll run barefoot if I'm running less than 3 miles. If time permits a longer run I'll wear my running shoes. If I'm fasting I will not run. But I regularly do strength exercises, such as Pilates or yoga, even when I'm fasting. I stand from my desk EVERY hour. I walk and work when it's possible. I CERTAINLY walk if I'm on the phone. I've walked many miles before in one phone call. That happens quite often. Most people find more success working out with somebody. I'm the complete opposite. I do not do well with a workout buddy.

As I stated earlier, I'm single, therefore I have no other adult to consider in my grocery shopping. I do have two teen children who are not into health and nutrition as I am. And that's OK with me. I wish I had started their lives with a taste for raw, whole foods. But I didn't. I believe my enjoyment of my lifestyle will "convert" them, if you will. In fact, I have indeed already seen them make changes of their own accord. I expect more of that.

I do NOT allow junk food in my house. Period. Now, there are exceptions to that. For instance, this past week we held my daughters 16th birthday party in my house and that party had the usual trappings; chocolate cake, ice cream, soda, chips, punch, candy, sandwiches. While the sandwiches are normal in the house, the rest is not. All through the party I dropped the word, "When you leave, take a goody bag of 'leftovers,' because whatever is left is going into the trash." And THAT is how I handle ALL junk food. It's not that I refuse to eat it. But if junk food is inconvenient to access, I'll need to be extremely hormonal and at the height of cravings to go through the effort of GETTING the junk food.

I drink mostly water. But I'll have a diet soda periodically. I use Splenda. And I'll eat processed foods. I also eat of the "evil" McDonald's. While I'm aware these foods are not the best for my body, my body is so well-crafted by God, and I do such a good job of taking care of it, that these organs of mine can handle the rare and periodic  processing and elimination of the evil. I feel it's rude and insulting to constantly harp on people in my community who eat "the bad foods." Plus, I believe sin is more damaging to our society and culture than a hamburger or refined sugar is. I have never personally had success in helping anyone change their behaviors via defensive, argumentative conversations where I "judge" and nag them about their soul's or body's health. I choose to focus on MY health and MY spiritual condition while displaying a lovely, peaceful, and joyful example of a high-quality life. It's amazing how many more constructive conversations I have about salvation and health because they like my example of living. 

Losing weight is not easy. Maintaining healthy weight is not easy. As a matter of fact, absolutely NOTHING of value and excellence is easy. Purpose, discipline, focus and refocus is required to create anything of lasting value, including your health. But it's worth it!

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  1. Love you and your true example of godly living! You are beautiful inside and out! Can I ask you what brand/model of treadmill you use? I'm shopping for one..