Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Now I'm in a fiery trial
 Or a storm 
 Or a valley
Now I'm wrestling and all is dark
Now my vision is cloudy

But AFTER this I'll b amazed!
AFTER, so will u be too!
AFTER all this insanity is done...
AFTER the confusion is through...

Cuz He's actually right w/me
   Even tho I can't see Him
And He's fighting the enemy for me
   Even tho I can't find him

He's making sure that AFTER this fire I'll come out without the smell of smoke.
And AFTER this trial I'll b shown righteous by his grace alone.
And AFTER this wrestling I'll walk different because he touched me.
And AFTER the dust settles I'll eat his banquet in front of my enemies.

I can do all things thru Christ,
And u, my friend, can too!
Right now it may feel bleak...
But I'm hearing a heavenly anthem...

Hey, they're playing our victory tune!

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