Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Party-Pooper Insomniac

I don't remember inviting Geisel 2play.
I kno I didn't ask Shel!
But play they do
With cats & hats,
& sidewalks & trees
& ink wells!

And they're turning wats meant to be Grey 
(This Matter-of-facts in my head)
Into red fish & blue fish
(Tho Shel sticks with elfish
Characters drawn in black lead.)

While I luv their earlier work
The books, the art, the rhymes
Anything this late at night
Makes me think they're pranking my mind!

I think they should clean up their paints
Draw this party to an end
And let me get some sleep
Or I'll show em the door 
& where the sidewalk BEGINS!!!

Nuff said.

PS: If u have not read the works of Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss) or Shel Silverstein for ur own enjoyment, or that of a child... Sigh. WHAT HAVE U BEEN DOING WITH UR LIFE?!?! Read, smile, hopefully giggle, & enjoy the works of these masterful smile-inducers ASAP!!

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