Monday, August 19, 2013

Cracked Up

Life is not all its cracked up to be,
Then we take it out for a swing.
Around twelve we decide we know where we're going,
We crash around age sixteen.
Then we whip out some duct tape and try to repair,
We gimp through high school with a fake veneer.

We delve into higher learning
Pretending we know what we're doing
Tottering along pretty good 
Never reading signs as we should

So while smiling in mirrors we run into walls,
And when making left turns we stumble and fall.

And if we're smart we'll kneel there a while
Force our thoughts to question the smiles 
Of the other cracked lives around us
The ones who've been faking it for the same many miles.

I've seen the smart stop the insanity,
The behavior that wrecks so much.
And they've given their mess to the Master
He can fix the broken with His touch.
& He shows a new way to live
That incites peace & contentment
And when He sets us back on our path
We have Godspeed to attain fulfillment.

And like magic, life isn't cracked up!
He gives us life brand new!
And if we fall we ask The King to put us together again.
'Cause his men are amateurs with duct tape and glue.
(Ask poor Humpty!)

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