Monday, April 29, 2013

Types of Fasts

The scripture does not label types of fasts, but these fasts are all described in scripture. Of course, make sure you check with your doctor. I will not be held responsible for your health.

Pre-determined rules of what will be abstained from. This could include dietary rules (akin to the "Daniel's Fast.") or substance rules (abstain from specific, exact media, or activities.)

No food or drink. Water only.

No food or drink, including not consuming water. NOT RECOMMENDED!!! Jesus & Moses were the only two in scripture who fasted in this manner. They were both very unique people (to say the least! lol) in very unique situations.

Because I'm trying to quickly get this info out to the people who have said you want to be made aware of a daily prayer & fasting focus during this 14 day period. Rather than explain ALL the many variations of the partial fast, I'm simply going to explain how I will be fasting and let you take it from there for your own needs.

I'll be doing the PARTIAL FAST, during which most days I will drink beverages & eat one meatless, low-carb meal in a 24 hour period. There will be some days I will do the TRADITIONAL FAST as I may feel the Spirit prompt me. I will not do the TOTAL FAST. (Unless God tells me to. DUH!) lol

My suggestions for your fast is to not be vocal about it. (I wouldn't be, except I want people to be encouraged to join this amazing, supernatural experience.) Also, pre-determine the MINIMAL rules. It's possible The Lord will direct u to stricter rules at some point, so that may change through the 14 days. But set what your minimums will be.

Don't be surprised if its hard, but don't give up. Simply pray more. Read and/or listen to scripture. SPEAK LIFE! Speak with authority when you pray.

When you fast, besides the spiritual movement that occurs, your body's' chemicals go wacky. Perhaps your body is used to more sugar, or more caffeine, or more protein, etc. The mere changes in your bodies chemistry will likely make you easily irritable, sluggish, or even extra hyper (the hyper happens to me!) PLUS ur spirit becomes very alert and sensitive to the spiritual realm. So realize this and STAY COOL! :-)

I ain't skeered... I'm excited! Lol

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