Monday, April 8, 2013


I know who I am...
Therefore I'm cautious with my open hands.
What I GIVE is free...
And I give abundantly.
But to guard this treasure...
So I'm not deceived,
I must be careful of WHO I RECEIVE.
~Denée Richardson

I learned as a child that protecting your reputation and anointing was WORTH the loneliness and isolation. God will always provide somebody to love you, and for you to love. There may be some dark "waiting periods" in between. But God will provide.

Be cautious. Your treasure in your earthen vessel is more important than emotional and human attachments, even with the friend you feel is God's provision. Never, NEVER, allow them to become so important you feel you can't live without them. Humanity, sometimes, has no power over whether or not they will never leave you. Sickness and death just happens sometimes. A force outside of the two of you comes to wreck the relationship sometimes.

I've learned that even when you're forced to lose who you love the most, the gifts and talents within will sustain you,, strengthen and inspire you. 

Know who you are to this world. Know your gifts and talents. Sharpen them. Use them. PROTECT THEM.

They will be what God uses to save your life.

Thanks to Lisa Velie for editing!

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